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Watch Kathy Gaumer, MD Inject Botox

You’ve had your Visia consultation, you’re taking care of your skin with quality AesthetiCare products and making sure you’re protecting it from the sun, and maybe you’re even getting regular facials.  But you can’t help but notice those lines between your brows or the set around your eyes.  Products help but you want to see results faster.  Does this sound like you?

If so, let’s talk about neuromodulators.  Wrinkles like crows feet or your glabellar lines are formed from the muscle below the skin contracting and pushing the skin into a repeated folding pattern.  Everyone and their mother has at least heard of Botox and knows what it is used for but there is another option called Dysport as well.  Botox and Dysport are made by different companies but they have the same basic structure, function the same way, and both are Botulinum Toxin A.  They work by blocking signals from the nerve to the muscle, and if the muscle can’t move the line stops being formed.

These FDA-approved biologic toxins have been on the market in the U.S. for years now and are quickly gaining popularity.  According to Allure magazine’s article, millennials that are coming in to treat acne and other skin conditions are inquiring about injectables more and more frequently, with more than 500,000 19 – 35-year-olds getting Botox in 2015.

The question you are probably asking yourself: Will it make me look like one of the wide-eyed ladies from Real Housewives?  Just because it’s getting colder outside doesn’t mean you need to sport that frozen look.  Here at AesthetiCare we believe that less is more.  You’ll hear Megan and Amber, our nurse injectors, telling new clients every day that they would rather start off conservatively and touch it up later if need be than over-inject and cause any of those intimidating side effects like temporary eyelid droop or pulling in the wrong places.  Of course there are absolutely women who come in desiring that look, my first day I had a lady tell me, “Honey, when I leave I don’t want any of this to move!”  I’ve actually heard these treatments referred to as “face erase” but our philosophy is The best injectables are the least detectable.  We want you to leave looking natural, refreshed, and like you’ve had nothing done.

For those of you that are trying to look good on a budget (welcome to my life), you’re probably wondering how much it is.  In our office Botox is $12/unit and Dysport is $11/unit.  Each person is different…. Typically you’ll start off with 20 units if you’ve never done it before, but the amount for total correction will depend on the lines you have, the strength of the muscle, etc.  You can see Megan in the video above is requiring somewhere around 40-50 units.  The good news is that there are rewards programs for both products.  Here in the office we set an account up for you with either Brilliant Distinctions or Aspire Rewards depending on whether you get Botox or Dysport, we enter all treatments, and manage all coupons that you decide to use in our office.  For each treatment you accrue points which then translate into money off of your next treatment!

Ready for needles yet? You’re responsible so you’ve obviously checked out your providers to make sure they’re qualified and using FDA-approved products and not substitutes, SO important, and you’ve chosen AofL to get your first Dysport or Botox treatment.  No brainer.  If you watched the video you can see that Megan looks pretty comfortable throughout her treatment.  These are small needles and superficial injections. According to Liz Krieger in her article about Botox, if you’ve had a bikini wax Botox injections are a spa day in consideration.

Right after your treatment you can still move your face normally, and are actually encouraged to make normal expressions to work the toxins in, but you’ll need to make sure you’ll be able to stay upright for at least 30 minutes, avoid exercise and wearing a hat or anything else that will press on the treatment area for 4 hours. Afterwards you can expect to start to see results in 1-3 days, with both Dysport and Botox in full effect by 14 days.

Do you have questions?  Give us a call and we can set up a consultation with one of our nurse injectors, Amber or Megan, to see if this treatment is right for you.  If you’re a client that already gets Botox or Dysport, drop a comment and let us know how much you love it!


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