Melasma in Lawrence

Reduce Sun Damage

Our Melasma Peel is effective in reducing the signs of melasma on the skin’s surface.

The AMP is a pharmacologically compounded mask designed to reduce melasma and sun damage. It can also help even skin tone and smooth fine lines and pores.

The Procedure


What it Treats
  • Melasma
    Sun Damage
    Uneven Skin Tone or Texture
    Fine Lines and Wrinkles
    Large Pores
Procedure Time
  • 30 minutes in-office; 6-8 hours at-home
Recovery Time & Side Effects
  • Once patients remove the mask, the treated skin will be red. This redness can last 4-6 days. At the 4-5 day mark, peeling is expected.

You should expect to see a decrease in melasma and sun damage in a very short period of time. Depending on the severity of your pigment, multiple treatments may be recommended.

Treatments that Pair well with a Melasma Peel

Paired Treatments

See more dramatic results with combined treatments.

Patients that combine treatments see better, faster results than doing one treatment alone. Talk to one of our professional team members today about potential cost savings when you book multiple treatments together!

The S. Thetics Med Spa Melasma Peel Process

How Does the AMP Work?

The AMP is a superficial mask that works by suppressing hyperactive melanocytes (cells that produce melanin), which can reverse the pigmentations they cause. This peel has proven to be safe for all skin types.


Prep the Skin

Our aesthetician cleanses and de-greases the skin thoroughly.


Apply the Peel

The S. Thetics Med Spa Melasma peel is applied to the affected area(s).


Post Treatment

Our team thoroughly discusses post-care with the patient (mask will not be removed for 6-8 hours) and provides post-care products to be used for 2-3 weeks after the AMP application.

Benefits of a Melasma Peel in Lawrence

Melasma in Lawrence
Regain Confidence

One S. Thetics Med Spa Melasma Peel in Lawrence can promote brightening, lightening, and correction pigmentation by suppressing the cells that produce melanin.

Melasma in Lawrence
Reverse discoloration

This Melasma Peel, formulated exclusively for S. Thetics Med Spa, yields excellent results at a lower price than other melasma peels.

Melasma in Lawrence
Safe & Effective

Formulated specifically to treat the dark patches caused by pigmentation problems, this peel has proved through clinical trials to be the safest and most effective treatment for darker complexions.

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