Premier CoolSculpting in Lawrence, Kansas

Say goodbye to your relentless weight gain. AesthetiCare Lawrence Medical Spa offers premier CoolSculpting in Lawrence, Kansas! Sometimes shedding fat that won’t seem to stay away can be discouraging. If you are like a large portion of society, you know that losing weight has typically been easier said than done. What if we told you Read More

The Basics of Growing Out Your Brows

“Some are born with great brows, some achieve great brows, some have great brows drawn upon them.” I don’t remember what brows I was born with, only my high school brows that I plucked so far apart they had different zip codes.  You’d think at 24 I’d have it figured out by now but that Read More

Skin Cancer Awareness

May is skin cancer awareness month.  Is it ironic I started composing this post while I was laying out? Probably, but I hopped on the one-piece swimsuit bandwagon this year and had to smooth out some old tan lines before I hit the lake this summer.  Before you call me a hypocrite, let me defend Read More

Best of Lawrence 2017 – How to enter to win $200

Hello there!   Best of Lawrence 2017 voting is underway and AesthetiCare of Lawrence would love if you’d vote for us as Best Spa! Here’s how it works: Follow this link. Under AesthetiCare Medical Spa, select Log In to Vote, and then under the text box select Click Here next to “Haven’t Registered Before?” You’ll Read More

7 Best Lip Injection Reads

Now, as you know from one of my very first blog posts, I was a total newbie when I came into AesthetiCare.  Having never even had a facial before, I definitely didn’t know there was a difference between filler and Botox. In my mind it was 1) all the same and 2) this mystical stuff Read More

Are B12 Injections the Cure for a Busy Lifestyle?

Wake up.  Coffee.  Work.  School. Pick up the kids.  Laundry.  Crap, I have that party on Friday at 7. Dishes.  Homework. Oil change. Need to call the insurance company, don’t let me forget. Work out.  Groceries.  Cook dinner.  Wait, when are your parents coming to stay with us?  Sleep.  Wake up.  Do it all over Read More

The Men Behind the Women of AesthetiCare

  You know the old saying. “Behind every great man is a great woman.” Well, we have some great guys behind us.  They let us poke and prod and persuade them to try new treatments and since it’s not often you see aesthetics from a man’s point of view we figured we’d get some insight. Read More

Dermaplaning – Learn About the Newest Trend

“Babe, do not do that to your face.  You’re going to end up with a 5 o’clock shadow.” – My boyfriend’s reaction to my explanation of dermaplaning.     That’s pretty much what I expected since facial hair removal is still somewhat taboo unless we’re talking about waxing eyebrows.  You’ve heard of dermaplaning, right?  I Read More

Halo at AesthetiCare – The New Science of Beauty

If you’re following us on social media (hopefully you are) you may remember a picture from when we first got our newest laser for the Halo treatment. We’ve since unwrapped it and I must say, there’s a lot of excitement.  This brand new hybrid fractional laser from Sciton is the best on the market, the Read More

5 Skincare Essentials to Pack in Your Thanksgiving Travel Bag

Packing for Thanksgiving is a nightmare for me.  I have 2 family celebrations to attend a state away and I hate feeling like I might end up stranded in St. Louis without my essentials so I always manage to pack half of my closet and an ungodly number of shoes.  I’m not super high maintenance Read More