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New in Town: RHA® Filler and Before and After Results

Whether you’re new to injectables or just looking for a different option than the big names out there, RHA® filler should be on your radar. There are a couple of types of RHA® filler within the collection, and your aesthetic expert will create a treatment strategy with you. The strategy will decide which RHA® filler to use and the areas to inject it. S. Thetics Med Spa in Lawrence is a select provider of the new RHA® filler!

These fillers have been out in Europe since 2015 and have finally made their way to the US at select med spa providers. RHA® filler is the only FDA approved hyaluronic acid filler for dynamic wrinkles and folds. The FDA approved these dermal fillers in 2017.

This facial filler is known for its resiliency to facial expressions and movement, and it achieves incredibly natural, discreet results. The following examples include photos and videos of RHA® filler before and after results. 

RHA® Filler and Before and After 

View several candidate RHA® before and after photos and video results

As you can see, RHA® improves lower wrinkles and folds in all candidates with different types of RHA® facial filler. 

Each video shows the candidate’s face at rest, then the candidate’s face moving into a smiling position. Video from both the front and side views shows the filler’s dynamic quality that easily moves with facial expression. These videos capture the amazing movability of RHA® filler before and after the procedure, for a completely natural effect within the skin.

 Say Hello to the New RHA® Fillers in Lawrence, KS

Do you have more questions about RHA® filler before and after results?

We’ve got answers! Contact our team at S. Thetics Med Spa of Lawrence through our contact form or by phone. Through this form you can request a call back, a free 1-hour consultation, or schedule an appointment with us. We’d love to hear from you to discuss if RHA® filler is right for you!

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