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Have an unwanted tattoo? AesthetiCare’s tattoo removal in Lawrence KS has a solution.

Our Astanza Trinity Laser is our secret.

Professional laser tattoo removal with an Astanza laser is the most effective method of removing tattoos without scarring. We are excited to offer our clients in and around the Lawrence , Kansas area the best combination of experience and technology. The Astanza Trinity laser works by utilizing three different wavelengths to target a plethora of ink colors.  Astanza technology allows for the removal of almost all tattoo ink colors with a minimum number of treatments. By removing the ink in your tattoo and minimizing the impact on your skin, laser tattoo removal can safely return your skin to its natural look.

What should I expect from my tattoo removal in Lawrence KS?

A series of short laser procedures will be necessary to shatter ink that was meant to be in your skin forever. The professionals at AesthetiCare and our Astanza laser technology removes ink in your tattoo and minimizes the impact on your skin.

Each treatment session will take anywhere from 2 to 15 minutes, depending on the color and size of your unwanted tattoo. Because of the speed of our advanced Astanza Trinity three-wavelength laser system, treatment times are quicker than ever. A waiting time of 4 to 8 weeks between treatments is advised to allow the shattered ink to fade. After each treatment, you see a lightening of your tattoo.

The number of treatments for tattoo removal depends on ink color, tattoo location, skin type, application, size of tattoo, and the patient’s health. Tattoos typically need 5 to 12 treatments.

AesthetiCare offers a free consultation for our tattoo removal in Lawrence Kansas before beginning a treatment regimen. During this initial consultation, our nurse will assess your tattoo to insure optimal treatment and answer any questions.

Benefits of Tattoo Removal: 


Most patients say the sensation of tattoo removal is similar to that of getting the tattoo. AesthetiCare can provide a numbing solution, such as ice packs or a cold air machine, to minimize discomfort.


Don’t fall for the abundance of creams and injectables on the market which promise to fade tattoos, an advanced technology tattoo removal from AesthetiCare is safe and prevents leading to scarring.


Patients of all skin tones can be treated with Astanza technology and all common tattoo colors can be effectively faded with our quality technology.

  • Minimizes the impact on your skin. Safely returns your skin to its natural look.
What it Treats:
  • Unwanted ink tattoos
Why Aestheticare:
  • Free consultation. Advances speed of Astaza three-wavelength laser system reduces treatment time.




Before After Photos courtesy of Astanza laser. *Results may vary.



Before After *Results may vary.

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