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Tighter looking skin with an Exilis treatment.

Exilis in Lawrence KS

Exilis in Lawrence KS is a non-invasive aesthetic device to tighten skin. Using safe thermal energy, patients experience a comfortable deep heating sensation with each short treatment session.

How Does Exilis Work?

The Exilis procedure uses radio-frequency (RF) energy to deliver deep thermal heat into the skin, initiating collagen remodeling and skin tightening. It delivers precise heating and cooling, plus real-time monitoring of skin temperature, combined with the beneficial effects of mechanical waves. This constant detection and control of RF flow allows the trained technician to reach therapeutic temperatures in the shortest amount of time, providing a predictable and beneficial response while ensuring patient safety and comfort.

During treatment, the hand-held applicator is gently massaged over the desired treatment area, delivering controlled and gradual heating without pain. As deep thermal heat is applied, the contact cooling of the hand piece protects the upper layers of the skin.  Typically, four to six treatment sessions of within six to eight weeks are recommended. *Results and patient experience may vary.

Benefits of Exilis: 


With radio-frequency energy and vibrations to heat the body’s tissue, Exilis creates a metabolic response in fat cells, causing them to shrink. Since the procedure occurs externally and is non-invasive, you will not have any scarring.


Exilis is the fastest, most effective body contouring treatment available. Exilis can reduce unwanted cellulite in the areas treated resulting in tighter, smoother-looking skin. Body shaping changes are permanent with a sustained healthy lifestyle.


One treatment is about 20 – 30 minutes long. Most patients usually need four to six sessions. The sessions should be scheduled about two weeks apart. By the end of those four sessions you will see a reduction in cellulite and have tighter skin.

  • Skin tightening and body contouring.
What it Treats:
  • Sagging, wrinkled skin.
Why Aestheticare:
  • Our technician trained clinics nation-wide on Exilis best practices.


Before After Before After Photos courtesy of AesthetiCare. *Results may vary.
Before After Before After *Results may vary.
Before After Before After Photos courtesy of AesthetiCare. *Results may vary.
Before After Before After Photos courtesy of Marek Kacki, MD. *Results may vary.
Before After Before After *Results may vary.

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