Meet the AesthetiCare Family

Hello, beautiful readers!  Hopefully, you’ve recovered from Labor Day weekend by now and made it out without too bad of a sunburn.  For our sophomore post, I thought it was time I introduce you to the rest of the AofL crew.


Dr. Kathy Gaumer, MD

Dr. Gaumer is many things, but she is not a blonde like the rest of the staff.  Our lone brunette is the medical director of the practice as well as part owner.  Good luck tracking this busy lady down!  In addition to AesthetiCare, this Jayhawk Alumni is an OB/GYN Hospitalist at Shawnee Mission Medical Center in Kansas City, specializes in Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy at the Regain Hormone Clinic  here in Lawrence, and last but not least is the mother of 2 children, Alexa & Austin.  I was recently able to get some time with Dr. Gaumer to film some educational clips regarding injections.  You can expect to see those included on a post about neuromodulators in the near future.


Shea Kruse, LE

The newlywed Shea Kruse is another part owner of AesthetiCare of Lawrence.  Kathy and Shea have been friends for years after having met at Kathy’s former medical practice.  With a work-hard-play-harder attitude, this licensed esthetician can be found here at all hours of the day.  A JCCC grad, Shea has always been local having grown up in Lawrence herself as well as raising her 2 kids here, and of course starting a business here in 2012.


Debbie Heeney, Office Manager

Debbie has one title here in the office but she wears a lot of hats: mama bear to two children, keeper of all things, voice of reason, and in-office therapist.  Hands off guys, though I’m sure she’d love to get paid for her counseling services, we are the ones that need her to keep us sane.  Having taught elementary school and owned a clothing boutique in Cincinnati, Debbie has done a little bit of everything which comes in handy because God knows what we’re going to throw at her next.


Stephanie Cross, LE

Oh Stephanie, I think she is self-described best by one of her bios…  Wifey, dog-mom, esthetician.  Although she did leave out wax expert and wine connoisseur.  Steph grew up here in Lawrence and married her high-school sweetheart.  Always wearing a smile (as long as she’s caffeinated), she’s the person you can count on to lighten the mood.


Megan Lynch, RN, BSN, MSE

I think of Megan as the ultimate soccer mom.  Somehow this obstetrics-nurse-turned-injector works out every morning and has two young children she keeps up with.  Megan actually used to work with Dr. Gaumer at Shawnee Mission Medical Center which is how she ended up with us here at AesthetiCare. When she’s not running the brakes off her ’64 and a half Mustang she can be found taking part in studies for a new service we’ll be bringing to Lawrence this fall.


Sara Moreano, Receptionist

If you’ve been in the office before you know Sara, everyone does.  She is actually the person that trained me at the front desk.  Wife of Dr. Phillip Moreano, Sara has known Kathy Gaumer for years.  If she’s not holding down the fort at the front desk you can probably find her running (literally) all over Lawrence or cheering on one of her three kids.


Chelsea Witmer, Receptionist

Mrs. Witmer is our weekend warrior.   The nurses and estheticians often come in a few Saturdays a month and she is the one making sure things run smoothly.  We’d love to have her here throughout the week like she used to be but she recently helped to start a business in Kansas City and we understand that duty calls.


Tarryn Krieg, Receptionist

And then there is me.  I told you a little bit about myself in our last post and you’ve probably seen me here and there on the AesthetiCare Instagram or Snapchat accounts.  I’m the baby of the office.  In my free time, I love to go out to Colorado and spend time in the mountains or get the boat on Clinton lake, I do this all covered in layers of sunscreen so my estheticians don’t scold me 🙂


In closing, coming from male-dominated workplaces I was a little worried to come into an office environment with all women.  But I must say so far it has been a great experience, I love that this practice is a cooperative effort.  We are, as my little sister would say, #SquadGoals.  If you haven’t met all of our team yet consider attending (or even hosting) one of our parties and as we’re out in the community we’ll keep you posted, we’d love to get to know you better as well!

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