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Lacking in the Lash Department? Latisse is Your Answer!

Our post today is going to be short…. Just like my lashes used to be.  You’ve heard of Latisse right?  I had seen the commercials for Latisse for a long time but never tried it until I started working the front desk here at AesthetiCare.

Latisse is the only prescription medication for hypotrichosis, or inadequate eyelashes.  Being a prescription medication, you cannot just pick these up over the counter.  Lucky for me, and you, we’re able to sell it because we have Mrs. Kathy Gaumer, MD on staff.  Now of course there are generic products advertised, but as Dr. Moy says in this Huffington Post article, Latisse is the only product he’s familiar with  that actually makes your lashes grow longer and faster and that other products are lubricants or conditioners formulated to help keep lashes that are already there healthy.

Whether your lashes are thinning because of genetics, medical reasons, or maybe you just didn’t hit the jackpot and got stuck with stubby, blonde little lashes like me, Latisse is a product that offers long-term results.  With proper use, which requires just one drop per eye swept across your lash line each night, you can start to see results in as little as four weeks.  In our experience with it in the office we’ve noticed that your lashes will look longer first, then over time they’ll fill in, then darkening in the final stage.  Kathe Malinowski, an esthetician at Eterna MedSpa in Illinois, said in an interview that “It’s not an illusion of growth.  It’s real lash growth,” and we agree.  Check out these results from one of our very own clients.

This image shows a 5-month difference.  We weren’t even looking for lash growth when we took these pictures, we were trying to see the before and after skin progression and couldn’t help but notice how much fuller her lashes (and brows) were!  This client was using Latisse on her lashes as instructed, but any leftover product on the applicator afterwards she was applying to her brows.  Being naturally blonde, my lashes and brows are super light.  Like, so light you couldn’t even see my lashes unless I had mascara on…. So I saw these results and I was in.

I got my hands on some Latisse and started using it.  One drop along each upper lash line, as I mentioned before.  You’ll want to do this at night, after any products you might be using.  You don’t need to apply it to your bottom lash line because when you go to sleep enough of the product is transferred to help those little bottom lashes grow, too.  What we always tell people when they buy Latisse for the first time is that this is not something you can apply multiple times a day to make it work faster (you’ll feel like there’s barely anything there but that’s what you want).  So anyways, long story short, I have never had long lashes and would hardly ever leave the house without mascara, and now I can be found at the AofL front desk complaining because my lashes are swiping across the lenses of my glasses every time I blink. First world problem, right?  I’ve had to trim them and according to Allure Magazine I’m not the only one!

Great news right now is that we can get you free Latisse when you buy a 5ML kit!  We currently have 13 mail-in rebates for a free 3 ML bottle, which is awesome because that’s another 2 months of working on those luscious lashes.  Come in while supplies last to claim yours!

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