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CoolSculpting+ ZWAVE is giving new meaning to “Netflix and Chill” in Lawrence

Working at a medical spa, a lot of conversations outside of the office turn towards our services.  Friends and family are always asking me what I’ve tried, what should they try, does this or that really work?  With CoolSculpting being a non-surgical alternative to lipo it’s a treatment that I’m constantly being asked about.


No guys, it’s not witchcraft. CoolSculpting does kill fat cells and, like liposuction, it is PERMANENT.  I know it sounds too good to be true so we’re going to mix it up with this post and start from the end and work backwards.



While everyone responds differently, these are not results that you’ll see reflected on the scale, but in how your clothes fit and the smoother appearance you’ll see in the mirror.

June 10, 2016 to September 10, 2016


Now these are not before and after pictures you’ll find on the CoolSculpting website or anywhere else.  These are clients that Shea and Stephanie have personally treated in the last year in our office!


June 10, 2015 to September 10, 2016


If you thought CoolSculpting was only for women, think again.  As you can see, we’ve seen some great results with the men of AesthetiCare too.

September 15, 2015 to December 11, 2015


September 15, 2015 to December 11, 2015



Is there any downtime?

The beauty of CoolSculpting is that it’s non-invasive.  There is no poking, prodding, or anesthesia required so when you’re done with your treatment you can return right back to work, school, or anything else.  Sometimes there is slight swelling and numbness in the area and that can feel a little weird so typically we recommend putting on a pair of spanks afterwards but other than that….. nada!

Do I have to do anything to make sure I get/keep results?

You do not have to diet or exercise any more than you normally do (if you do, which I don’t) to see results after this treatment.  Your body will process the fat cells no matter what.  Now, even though your fat cell count will be decreased after CoolSculpting that doesn’t mean if you gain a significant amount of weight that your target area will stay exactly as it is.  Fat cells expand and contract so the cells you have remaining WILL expand with weight gain.



How in the world did CoolSculpting start?

If you can believe it, the idea of this treatment started over 30 years ago when scientists at Harvard University noticed that some children who ate popsicles were getting dimples on the inside of their cheeks where the popsicles rested.  The scientists, Dieter Manstein, MD and R. Rox Anderson, MD, realized the frozen treats were actually eliminating small pockets of fat cells.  And so Cryolipolysis, the science on which the CoolSculpting procedure is based, was born.  CoolSculpting was FDA-approved in the U.S. in 2009, although it’s been used overseas for years before that, and there have now been over 3 million procedures performed.


What is offered at AesthetiCare of Lawrence ?

With CoolSculpting, after the treatment area is cooled (frozen really) the applicator is removed and what you’ll see there is going to look a lot like a stick of butter (see below).  With traditional treatments your provider will manually massage the area.  Here at AesthetiCare of Lawrence we offer CoolSculpting + ZWave, an advanced protocol that combines CoolSculpting with acoustic wave technology.  In laymen’s terms, ZWave is an expensive device we use as an alternative to manual massage that is going to dramatically increase the results of traditional CoolSculpting.  Grant Stevens, MD owns 9 CoolSculpting systems in Los Angeles and reports seeing results up to 60% better than CoolSculpting alone.  That’s a huge increase.


And let’s not forget, AesthetiCare owns two CoolSculpting units.  The better to dual-sculpt you with, my dear.  This can cut treatment time of two or more areas IN HALF and we are the only ones in the area offering dual-sculpting with ZWave.

Me getting my “flanks” dual-Sculpted


So I know that it freezes fat, but how exactly?

When you come in for your treatment you’ll be marked for the applicator, a gel pad will be applied to your skin to protect it, and then the applicator will be attached (see below).  It attaches to your target area using strong suction, pulling that subcutaneous fat up into it, and when everything is secure we turn on the cold!  Slowly the applicator will cool the area down to 13 degrees; this is cold enough to crystalize and kill the fat cells without damaging any of the other tissue. With the newest applicators we can get treatment time for each area down to as little as 35 minutes.  When that 35 minutes is over, the applicator is removed and the area is massaged with our ZWave device to break up those cells and make it easier for your body to process.  Over time your body naturally eliminates these dead fat cells which is what leaves you looking more sculpted.



This isn’t surgery so how long will it take before I start seeing results?

Because your body is naturally processing the dead fat cells you’re not going to see anything instantly. Some people start seeing results as soon as 2-3 weeks post-treatment, but full results are typically not seen until 90-120 days. So be patient, your body’s working for you!


What should I expect from my CoolSculpting in Lawrence?

We’re giving a whole new meaning to “Netflix & Chill.”  When you come into our office for your CoolSculpting treatment you can expect to sit back, relax, and say goodbye to that stubborn fat.  We have an entire room devoted solely to CoolSculpting, complete with a television, snacks & refreshments, and precious wi-fi access.  After clients are hooked up, some catch up on emails, some binge-watch their favorite shows or read, and believe it or not some clients fall asleep.






What can I treat?

First thing’s first, let’s talk about the difference between visceral and subcutaneous fat.  Visceral fat is a form of gel-like fat that wraps around major organs and it’s going to feel hard or tight.  Subcutaneous fat is the fluffy-feeling fat that is closer to the surface.  Why is this important?  CoolSculpting does not treat visceral fat, which is what weighs in pounds. We treat subcutaneous fat, which is why your results will be reflected in the mirror rather than on the scale.

That being said, you’re probably wondering what areas can be treated.  The most popular areas we treat are abdomen, lower abdomen, and flanks or love handles.  CoolSculpting is FDA-approved for several other areas as well such as inner and outer thighs, bra fat, arms, teacups (which is a really cutesie name for the little triangle of fat that pops out the side of your bra next to your arm), the banana roll under your booty, and as we mentioned in our Kybella post a few weeks ago it’s even approved for the double-chin.

How do I know if CoolSculpting is for me?

If you want to know if you’re a candidate for CoolSculpting give us a call and set up a free consulation.  When you come in, you’ll talk to your esthetician about the areas you’re concerned with and they’ll fit you with an appropriate templates sized just for the area(s) you are concerned with.  Each individual’s consultation is customized to the individual, as each person is shaped and sized so differently from the next.  A complete treatment plan and cost will be specifically written out for you at that time.  Assuming you’re able and wanting to be treated, we can move forward and get your CoolSculpting session scheduled.  Are you ready to fear no mirror?



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