Are B12 Injections the Cure for a Busy Lifestyle?

Wake up.  Coffee.  Work.  School. Pick up the kids.  Laundry.  Crap, I have that party on Friday at 7. Dishes.  Homework. Oil change. Need to call the insurance company, don’t let me forget. Work out.  Groceries.  Cook dinner.  Wait, when are your parents coming to stay with us?  Sleep.  Wake up.  Do it all over again.


A short blog post for our shortest treatment.  It’s 2017.  You’re busy, I’m busy, everyone is running around like a chicken with their head cut off.  I don’t know about you but I’m getting caffeine shakes far before I’ve hit the minimum amount of coffee needed to keep my head on straight.  What’s a girl to do?  We know a healthy diet and exercise is supposed to help with energy levels and focus (I won’t lump myself in that group because I like pizza way more than I like working out) but what if that’s not doing the trick?  Or what if you’re like me and can’t summon the energy to even think about adding one more thing to your day?  


While it’s not the remedy to all your problems, I’d like to give you my not-so-expert advice.  Try a B12 injection.  Studies have shown that up to 40% of Americans fall within the low normal to deficient range of B12 levels. There are a few reasons you may have low B12 levels, from not eating enough B12, not having enough gastric acid, or having a gut that’s not absorbing nutrients adequately (read more about that here). Lagging levels of vitamin B12, a nutrient that is essential for cell respiration, can affect your energy, mood, and even concentration.


If I had to choose one thing we do here at AesthetiCare that I couldn’t live without, it would definitely be our B12 injections.  We have people who use it for just maintenance to keep them feeling their best, athletes to give them a little extra oomph, or one of the husbands around the office takes it for joint pain.  One thing that hasn’t necessarily been proven is….. B12 as a hangover helper.  It isn’t just coincidence that I schedule my injection on Fridays.  I need a boost before the weekend!  Since alcohol is a diuretic you lose a lot of essential vitamins and minerals throughout a night on the town and to metabolize alcohol, your liver requires B vitamins.  If you’re already low on B12 you’re not going to be able to process all that booze as fast as you should be able to, leaving you with a splitting headache and no motivation to leave your bed the next day.  Not to say with a B12 injection you’ll bounce back the next morning as if you were 21 again, but I certainly benefit from being able to move before 10AM without my head feeling like it’s going to explode.  Worth a try, right?  Give us a call to schedule your first B12 shot, for whatever your reason may be, and see for yourself.

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