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5 Skincare Essentials to Pack in Your Thanksgiving Travel Bag

Packing for Thanksgiving is a nightmare for me.  I have 2 family celebrations to attend a state away and I hate feeling like I might end up stranded in St. Louis without my essentials so I always manage to pack half of my closet and an ungodly number of shoes.  I’m not super high maintenance but that doesn’t exactly leave me with much room for my li’l skincare regimen.  Since I just got back from my Thanksgiving gatherings I’ve put together a list of skincare fundamentals to pack that should hold you over until you’re back at the homestead.

  • If you’re going to be on the road tomorrow, we know you have limited space but our Olive Oil Dual Cleanser comes in a small 3.5OZ size that is going to dissolve makeup and dirt without overstripping your skin.
  • There’s nothing cute about joining your in-laws for Turkey Day when you’re all scaly.  With this bleak weather we’ve been enduring recently, our Decollete & Bust cream is perfect for when you need to add a little boost of moisture.  As you can tell by the name, it’s meant for your decollete & bust area but we recommend applying it anywhere you need some extra help.
  • AesthetiCare’s Phyto-Moisture Complex is my go-to moisturizer most of the time anyways but it’s also one of the few things you can find in my bag when I’m headed back to Cardinal Nation.  Never leaving a greasy residue, I apply it once in the morning after washing my face and I’m good to go for the day (even if I’m being slapped in the face by wind all day while I’m walking downtown).
  • A new product here at AesthetiCare, Tizo Tinted Moisturizer is quickly becoming a staff-favorite.  Light, mineral coverage that goes on feeling silky for when you’re hanging out with the family (because who wants a full face of makeup on when you’re eating your weight in mashed potatoes, am I right?) and SPF 40 broad spectrum protection for when you’re out and about.  Just because it’s sweater weather doesn’t mean you can skimp on the sunscreen.
  • Cracked lips aren’t ideal when you’re headed back to your hometown and are bound to run into an old acquaintance or 10.  AesthetiCare’s Lip Enhancer is a must for the holidays.  Completely botanical, it keeps your lips hydrated and soft… with a little shine for an added bonus.

What are your go-to products for travel?  Let us know what you which multitasking essentials you can’t live without.


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