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7 Best Lip Injection Reads

Now, as you know from one of my very first blog posts, I was a total newbie when I came into AesthetiCare.  Having never even had a facial before, I definitely didn’t know there was a difference between filler and Botox. In my mind it was 1) all the same and 2) this mystical stuff that only celebrities dabbled in.  If you already have a grasp on this, feel free to skip ahead.  If not, let me enlighten you.


A neuromodulator, like Botox and Dysport, is something that potentiates or inhibits the transmission of a nerve impulse (see the full definition here).  This means that when Botox is injected, it blocks signals to the muscle.  If you cannot move the muscle then you can’t create the movement causing the wrinkle.


Dermal fillers on the other hand, according to the FDA, are approved for use in helping to create a smoother and/or fuller appearance in the face, including nasolabial folds, cheeks and lips and for increasing the volume of the back of the hand.  In plain English, they create a smoother/fuller appearance in the treatment area by adding volume.


Are you with me? Awesome.  Let’s take a look at a brief history of dermal fillers via the internet.


In 2015, you could search lip injections and come across nothing but speculation about then 17 year old, Kylie Jenner’s, denial of having done anything other than “overlining” her lips.

In 2016, following her acknowledgement of getting temporary fillers, if you googled lip injections you probably saw a lot of memes and before and after images that were snarky and often downright mean.

It’s 2017 now.  And when I first sat down to do some research for this piece I am happy to report that while the Jenner sisters still have the stage when it comes to dermal filler, there are many more pieces about regular Joes (regular Josephines?) that have decided to give it a go. So I wanted to give you a compilation of some of the articles I found to be very interesting resources and testimonials:


1. Cosmopolitan’s 18 Things You Should Know Before Getting Lip Injections

Looking into pumping up your pout?  Check out this article, it will probably answer a lot of your initial questions.

2. Real Self Reviews

You want to know that the people who have already tried filler like it, right?  Real Self is an awesome website to check out reviews, pics, ratings, providers, etc.  for ANY procedure you’re looking into.  But this link will take you directly to the lip augmentation overview with average pricing, real before and after pics directly from patients such as yourself, and Real Self’s “Worth It Rating,” which happens to be at 93% right now for lips augmentations…. No big deal or anything.

3. Cosmopolitan’s Here’s What Getting Lip Injections Is Really Like

“I do not want to look like Kylie Jenner.”  Amen! Lip filler doesn’t automatically have to mean they have to be super voluptuous, sexpot-esque (although if that’s what you want, go for it! My roommate loved her XL lips). Plus I think her admission of being unable to stay out of the mirror after having them done is SO relatable.

4. Got Lip Lines? Here’s What a Dermatologist Would Do

Contrary to popular belief, getting filler in your lips isn’t always to change your appearance.  Lip lines are a fact of life, whether they’re from smoking, laughing, or, if you’re part of my generation, from making that duck face on Instagram throughout all of 2013 and 2014.  And filler, among other remedies mentioned here, is a nice way to turn back the clock.

5.  Refinery29’s Let’s Talk About My Lip Injections

While most people are fine never bringing up their esthetic endeavors or refuse to admit to them at all, in this little piece by Jenna Rosenstein, she talks about how her treatment was so natural she wasn’t getting the reactions she expected from her loved ones (good work looks like no work, in my humble opinion) and how that made her want to shout from the rooftops how much she loves her new lips.  You go girl!

6.  Cosmopolitan’s 8 Rumors You’ve Heard About Lip Injections That Aren’t True

Yes, I know this is the third Cosmo article in this list but hey…. this one is important.  If you’ve watched any reality television in the last 5 years you’ve probably heard at least one of these common misconceptions about filler. Spoiler alert: you cannot always tell when someone’s had lip injections.  As Dr. Bowe says in this piece, the problem is the filler not the filler. Find someone who has the same vision as you do.

7.  My Body+Soul’s “I got my lips reshaped with fillers, and it wasn’t what I expected”

I must say, as I was looking through blog piece after blog piece reading about fillers, I saw the title of this one and grimaced. But as the subject goes on, she reveals she was comfortable with her provider, the procedure, and has found a new love for lipstick now that she loves her lips.

A few key points from all this: not everyone is doing it but if it’s done well, you may not realize how many people actually are.  Take all of the hype you see on TV with a grain of salt.  And only do it if you’re comfortable with it!  Filler can be a beautiful thing if it’s done right, with a treatment that is customized to you.  As always if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment, shoot us an email, or give us a call.  And if you find any articles you like, share them with us!

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