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Get Your Grid On! Kybella for Double-Chin

A few years ago I read about how our addiction to our phones was going to cause a double-chin from constantly looking down to check notifications.  I’m not so sure that’s true but it is now something I’m uber-paranoid about.  Whether you have a double-chin caused by weight gain, checking how many Instagram likes you have on that latest photo, or it’s just hereditary, there’s now another option to get rid of it in addition to CoolSculpting.  While CoolSculpting is a solid option that we’ll speak on in the coming weeks, the applicator has to fit just right in order to treat, and depending on your face shape and the amount (or lack thereof) of fat in that area you may not be a candidate.

For those of you that don’t know, Kybella is an injectable that targets fat cells and kills it permanently.  If you’re not a CoolSculpting candidate but you’re not quite ready to go under anesthesia for liposuction or a neck lift, this is going to be your savior.  You may have seen TV ads or heard about affiliations with Khloe Kardashian.  Since its release in 2015, Allergan has trained more than 90% of the key injectors in the U.S. according to Fierce Pharma, and hopes that in addition to opening up a new market that will include males, Kybella could eventually become as large as the company’s best seller… Botox.  That’s saying a lot considering how much of a household name Botox is.  Currently FDA-approved for that extra “goodness” under your chin, it looks like they’ll be looking into treating bra-fat as well as a few other stubborn areas.  But since those are still off-label I’ll refocus on the submental treatment.

Kybella is deoxycholic acid, which is something that already occurs naturally in our bodies.  The number of treatments needed and cost are going to vary greatly from person to person.  Here at AesthetiCare when you come in for a consultation, we’ll fit the treatment area with a grid, provide you with an exact quote and an idea of how many treatments you’ll need (1-4 sessions) and by the time you leave our office you’ll have had all of your burning questions answered.

Speaking of burning, let’s talk a little bit about the treatment itself.  If you’ve had your consultation and you’re a candidate for Kybella, when you get to the office for your appointment we’re going to start icing your neck/chin area.  We’ll apply the grid again just like we did in the consultation (it’s a temporary tattoo) and mark the treatment area.  When you’re ready to start, we’ll have you sit back and relax, chin up.  A very small needle is then used to inject a few units of the product into each dot on the grid below your chin.  This is where the burning comes in.  The deoxycholic acid causes a burning sensation in the treatment area as it works, which is why we ice the area before and during the treatment.  As always, this effect is going to vary from person to person.  The very first model we injected with Kybella told us she thought she could’ve slept through the entire treatment, the rest of our models simply stated that it did burn and expressed mild discomfort. You can expect to be in the office for about 45 minutes to an hour.

After you leave, the injection continues to work over the next few weeks, causing swelling and some soreness.  I won’t lie to you, you may want to invest in some scarves following this treatment because the swelling on your throat is going to cause a bullfrog-like effect for 4-6 weeks (which, again, may vary greatly from one client to another).  However, I promise it’s worth it.  We’ve seen excellent results with this product and clients are leaving with more distinguished profiles that they love.


Last week, our lovely Amber Vaughan injected Debbie with Kybella.  Below you can see a time-lapse video of the treatment.

Think this may be something you’re interested in?  If you haven’t already, you need to RSVP to our Happy Hour event on October 5th! We’ll have our very own Dr. Gaumer in the office as well as our Allergan reps to speak about Kybella, drinks, snacks, and a huge giveaway that you don’t want to miss.  Plus…. You’ll be able to see Debbie in person and ask her about her experience so far with Kybella. And if that wasn’t enough to convince you to come hang out with us, (come on, we’re kinda fun) we’ll be doing a live demo!  You’ve seen Megan getting her BBL Forever Young treatment and she’s agreed to being our guinea pig again.  You can RSVP on Facebook, or by contacting me at the office by either phone (785-856-8880) or email (  If you have any questions you’d like addressed at the event, please drop a comment.  We hope to see you on Wednesday!

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